On Healing by Design

Healing People Heals the Planet

On Healing by Design

My mission is to help people along their healing journey, work through their blocks so they can access their higher consciousness. This leads to living a more sustainable lifestyle for people and the planet.

As a sustainable designer, problem solver, empath, and a healer, I’ve combined the worlds of healing and design to create tools for achieving higher consciousness.

By utilizing sustainable innovation and elements of nature’s technology, I hope to educate how we can minimize our toxic impact on the planet.

My work is inspired by and supports my spiritual communities to spread the healing and higher consciousness that they inspire.

As I’ve experienced my own profound shifts through meditation and healing, I’ve become sharply aware of the collective and our impact on one another and on the Earth. This heightened sensitivity empowered my creative clarity for finding solutions to problems both large and small.

Meditation and healing go hand in hand. Either path will lead you to the same understanding of humanity and of our potential on the planet as people.

We need nature. Our disconnect from the natural world has impacted our overall wellbeing as a species. Mental, emotional, and physical dis-ease is the result of this disconnection.

It’s imperative that we shift our consciousness for the survival of future generations and the survival of our planet.

Our mindbodies are constantly trying to find balance. When we activate our higher consciousness we empower our creativity to solve problems simply by listening to ourselves and nature. We are, in fact, nature.


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