On The Healing Process

The journey is never over.

On The Healing Process

I sit in meditation daily. Every meditation is different and sometimes current challenges in my life that may come up during meditation trigger past hardships, emotions, or memories.

When this happens, it’s an opportunity to look deeper and connect the dots. It’s an opportunity to address an issue from the root.

My subconscious is bringing something important to my attention to witness, note, and then let go of without attachment. If I’m presented with a meditation like this, I take advantage of the awareness and use my tools to work through it and let the experience go.

I’ll meditate to start my day, I’ll meditate to sit through a feeling of discomfort, I’ll meditate to give myself rest or energy, and I’ll meditate to connect with my higher consciousness and higher guidance.

There are so many benefits of meditating that I feel my explanations can’t even scratch the surface of the magnitude of what sitting with yourself in silence can do.

If I’m struggling with a particular experience, after my Vedic meditation practice, I may add a 3 minute Kundalini meditation, such as Sat Kriya to raise my Kundalini energy.  Or I’ll give myself Reiki, or both!

If I’m trying to kick a habit that’s self-destructive, I may add the Kundalini Meditation for Healing Addictions.  

While these practices take time and consistency, they are beyond worth the effort. Committing to them is only hard at the beginning, after you’ve created these as daily habits, you’ll feel off when you don’t do them.

Part of remaining consistent is to make your practices non-negotiable. My teacher, Jonni Pollard, taught this and it’s what makes all the difference. After 60 days, the habit is locked in, so commit to a practice for 60 days and you’re free and clear from talking yourself out of it.

Another important aspect of working through, releasing, and healing what comes up from your subconscious mind, is journaling.

I cannot encourage enough the usefulness of writing things down. I’ve been journaling since I was a kid and it helped me through the toughest times of my life.

Currently, I journal to get stream of conscious thoughts out, to set intentions, to manifest, to write poetry, to draw out design ideas, to doodle visuals I receive during Akashic Records Readings, or to simply create for the sake of being creative.

Another major component of my process is being in community. I have an incredible network of healers whom I lean on frequently. We all share the same passion for helping people and in that line of work we often need extra healing for ourselves. My healers are also my friends and my colleagues. We speak the same language of openness and compassion for holding space for one another.

It’s imperative to have people around you for support. Part of my healing journey has been admitting that I can’t do it all on my own and finding people who I can trust to lift me up when I need it, to laugh with, to cry with, and to explore this otherworldly rollercoaster ride with. This is Soul family. These are the people you most likely have known for many many lives. They are your teachers, your mirrors, your angels, and where you feel most at home.

My healing process consists of four main pillars based on adopting a meditation practice, learning at least one healing modality, creative self expression, and being in community. If this foundation is solidly in place, you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to not only survive, but to thrive.


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