On Meditation & Reiki

Ya gotta feel it, to heal it.

On Meditation & Reiki

We are constantly downloading everything we see, hear, and feel in our lives. We are accumulating information at rapid speeds and it can be a lot. If you’re consistently witnessing fear, violence, and trauma, it becomes your perspective of the world. If you’re consistently witnessing love, kindness, and healing, it becomes your perspective of the world.

As emotional beings we have to move everything through us. Disease is “dis-ease”, not being at ease. Most of our suffering is holding onto stories and emotions from the past that became stuck inside of us and festered. Creativity is the healthiest way to move that all through us.

Creativity is deeply healing. One way or another, we have to express what’s inside of us, otherwise it builds up and we either implode or explode. Ya gotta feel it, to heal it. Not expressing what’s inside of us causes depression and anxiety or bursts of anger and reactive behaviors. It all comes out eventually. The key is to let it out consciously.

Maybe you make a film, maybe you sing, or write a book, or write poetry, or dance. We’re all creative and it’s important to create and make things from your experiences.

After two years of exploring subtle states and energies through Vedic Meditation and Reiki, I was able to discover my personal blocks and remember exactly where they came from. Our mindbodies are an ocean of everything we see, hear, and feel.  You carry your entire life experience within you.

Blocks are often trapped emotions and emotions have no concept of space and time. This means that a traumatizing experience you had when you were 3 years old may still be hindering you at 30 years old, if it wasn’t fully processed and released.

You have to know where the blocks came from and then you have to let it go from the root, completely. This is healing. Healing is something that everyone can benefit from no matter what your life experience.  

In my experience, the combination of meditation and Reiki has had the most profound shift in my overall wellbeing above any therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or medication. I’m a survivor of PTSD, sexual assault, and abuse and nothing has moved me through it more deeply and effectively than meditation and Reiki.

For me, I used Vedic Meditation to stir up the heavily sedimented traumatic experiences, and Reiki to heal the experiences on all levels. It isn’t easy, it’s a process, and it’s never completely over. There’s always work to do on ourselves and life throws us curveballs and challenges all the time. But we learn to work through everything with greater ease and awareness.

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