On Manifesting

If you can see it, it’ll happen.

On Manifesting

Before I even knew what manifesting was, I was manifesting things that were happening in my life. In my late teens and twenties, I always used to tell people, “If you can see it, it’ll happen.” My manifestations always came through to fruition and often exceeded my expectations.

I knew what manifesting meant, but not the power behind it or how that actually worked. Whenever I had a vision in mind, whenever I said out loud to myself and to other people what I wanted, it eventually came to life. I understood that I was making a decision and subconsciously taking all the baby steps needed to make it happen. Which is part of it. And then some.

The trick to manifesting is to get really clear about what you want. “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it,” is a statement I take pretty seriously when manifesting. To avoid drastic changes that can flip your life out of balance in a shocking way, I recommend cutting to the heart of the desire and focus on specifically, how you want to FEEL. 

“I want to FEEL fulfilled.” “I want to FEEL supported.” “I want to FEEL free.” Write it down, date it, and check back every six months to a year to see what’s unfolded. Using the New and Full Moons is a beautiful way to time your manifestations.

This is what I do and I highly recommend it: Use the New Moon to set intentions and check back at the corresponding Full Moon – about six months later – to see what’s manifested. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and it’s incredible. 

A few years back, I felt the need to isolate and create. I would tell people I wanted to move up into the mountains and lock myself away and make art. Just let my creativity flow.

In it’s own time, three years, opportunities presented themselves and I eventually found myself creating my little masterpieces. This resulted in me writing an empowerment workbook teaching practices of self love in the form of a simple coloring book and creating my sustainable design project, BY MANN. 

While I wasn’t up in the mountains, I was on the top floor of a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn with city views and a patio. I had big windows where I could see the sky and the birds. I got what I asked for in a way that worked for me.

“Pray with your imagination”

Listening, deep listening, will help you know what you truly desire. Meditating is a direct way to get there. Specifically in Vedic Meditation, the last two minutes of your sit is the time to manifest. In those minutes, focus your mind and let it run wild with your dreams. Pray with your imagination. Then see what shows up in your life. Keeping it in mind, wills it to show up in Divine Timing. 



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