On Spirituality

Our spiritual practices are our greatest support systems.

On Spirituality

I didn’t grow up religious and found my spirituality later in life through healing and meditation. I was raised with a detached understanding of religion, often considering myself an Atheist although I am half Jewish and half Christian. We celebrated all of the holidays together on a superficial level. I barely went to church or synagogue unless I was hanging out with my more religious friends and joined them.

While I didn’t have any connection to religion, I felt that something bigger than everything was always distantly present. I called it the Universe, and sometimes God. I believed in Karma and found that mine was pretty instant.

Any time I did anything that I knew was “wrong”, it would come right back and hit me immediately with a lesson. I learned early to be mindful of all my actions. Karma has always been very real to me.

As an adult looking back on my life, I used to wish that I was more religious for the guidance it provided. The faith. I found myself in many hopeless experiences of suffering and wished that I had those ideas of external support. But I made do with my own internalized methods of support, which got me far enough.

Through meditation, healing, and support from communities of higher minds, I found my equivalent to religion and God. Over time of connecting with Spirit and my guides, being vs. doing, trusting, focusing on my highest self, paying attention to repeated messages, and finding this ever expanding love inside of myself, I began to believe in God.

My understanding is that this is a common experience of God; or the Universe. God is love. Love is within us. God and love are the same thing. It’s abundant and all around us. It’s available to us when we ask for it and believe that it exists.

I know from countless experiences that trusting, surrendering, “letting go and letting God,” are real. Changing our mindset from one of fear and lack, to one of love and abundance, proves this works. I laugh every time I forget, and then remember, because it happens quickly.

As someone who did not develop a relationship to the Divine until adulthood, I very much appreciate it’s guidance and wonder how it may have helped me when I was younger. However, that was my path to getting here and I’m grateful to finally have arrived. Harsh truths were my journey to my awakening. I can’t regret my path because the destination wouldn’t be as sweet.

Our spiritual practices are our greatest support systems, connecting us to everyone and everything in real life and beyond. Expand your perspective and stay open to all that is truly available to guide and protect you. Your spiritual team is waiting to jump in and help. Just acknowledge their existence with a “Thank you for being with me,” and ask for assistance when you need it. Spirit is here to guide you.

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