On Reading the Land

The ecological is metaphysical.

On Reading the Land

Land Readings combine the Akashic Records and connecting with the Soul and Spirits on the land you live on to shed light on it’s history and special features. This helps us better understand our environment from a higher perspective so we can co-create in harmony with our homes, our sanctuaries.

There is just as much that is unseen, than is seen. Tapping into and revealing all that is not easily seen, allows for missing pieces and greater dynamic forces to support balance and alignment within ourselves and the world around us. What does this mean?

When I’m channeling a Land Reading, I open the Akashic Records on a property (with permission from the current property owner) or public land. I then connect with the Spirits on the land, who want to communicate, through mediumship.

By connecting in this way, I receive important historical information about the land with the help of other realms and entities, that would not be obvious or easily acknowledged without them. This is especially critical if the history of your land holds the energies of battles and injustices such as the land of America, which was stolen from Native Americans.


To further explain what a Land Reading is, below is a reading of a property for reference:


BROCKMAN PROPERTY – Westchester County, NY – Spring 2021


  1. What does the land wish for the new family moving in?

Spirit & Akashic Records: Mindful property. Gentle living. Easy going. Retribution, distribution of wealth. Give back to the local, lower income families. Excess >>> Donate. Reuse, redistribute, balance.

Peace. Joyful abundance. Care. Play. Lighten it up. Histories >>> bloodied conflict. Two women spirits. One young and beautiful, one older and motherly. Loving kind women.

White statesman moved in and ignored how he got the land. Just enjoyed it after stealing it with no qualms or remorse. Hard to believe. Bloodied land. Rains clean and clear it. Kindness. Peace. No conflict.


  1. How can the family move in with respect and harmony with the land?

SP + AR: Have fun! Make it fun. Lighten up! Lift it up! Golden light. Warm lights. Warm it. Observe the critters. Extended family.


  1. What requests do the Spirits of the land have for the family moving in?

SP + AR: Good morning! Breakfast on the deck as often as you’d like. Wake up with us! Start the days with us! Family breakfast coffee.


  1. What is the history of the land?

SP + AR: Bloodied battles. Dead sons and fathers in battles. Buried and burned bodies. Part of the land. Old. Long ago. Water, trees, cleansing and absorbing. Protective trees. Thank them. Strong and tall. Young trees of the bodies of lost men. “We planted trees in their honor. To barricade and protect.”


  1. What does the land want to be?

SP + AR: Free and beautiful. Free! Healthy. Enjoyed. Replenished. Flowing. Growing. Healthy, loved, and honored.


  1. Any messages from the land to the family moving in?

SP + AR: Freedom. Peace. Beauty. Life.


    7.  Do I have permission to work on the land with Spirit to create better harmony with the ecosystem?

SP + AR: Yes! Please do. Join us. Heal the land with us. Ceremonies. Altars. In your designs. Life in altars. Nature’s sanctuary in altars. Together. The trees!


  1. How can the family communicate with the land?

SP + AR: Pray with play. Pray or play. Give your troubles to the Earth. Nourishment. Come outside to pray and play and start your day. Drink your sorrows with us at night. Two women here for support. Love kids!


  1. Are there any messages from the house?

SP + AR: Fresh air in. Windows open often. The house likes to breathe. Upstairs can be spooky at night. (Will get help to clear that. No worries!)


  1. How can I best clear and reset the house for the new family?

SP + AR: Sage smudge. Candle intentions. Involve them! A party. To start it off fun! Lavender and cedar wood for peace. Cedar wood for wood building or burning or pathways, mulch, etc.  Sweetgrass is the smell. Grow it here. Use it. Lots of pretty smells to clear the air.


  1. What does the house need to be in harmony with the family and the land?

SP + AR: Smudging. Rinsing. Water washing inside and out. Clean energy. Wash/Rinse the walls. Water/Fire/Earth/Air. All Elements. Lots of white! Lighten up! Warm lights, white golden. Mostly white. Can feel dark in shade, on cloudy days, and in the Winter. White and Gold helps.


  1. Any other messages for the homeowners?

SP + AR: Music! The land loves music. “My Sweet Lord” 60’s and 70’s music in the Summer. Thriving happy family time. It’s a Giving Land. It is!


As I continue to work on a property, I open the Akashic Records and communicate with the Spirits for ongoing collaboration and permission to build, plant, and consult between property owner and the land. This element of communication allows for the most efficient and substantial way to create harmony in all ways on the land.


Below are examples of follow up readings:




  1. What permissions do I have for plantings?


SP & AR: Ritualize, say prayers. Ask permissions, set intentions. The ripple effect of what you are planting.

Anniversary of their deaths is coming up in August. Bloom celebration for them.

Request for purple and orange colored flowers in the backyard. Red, white, and yellow flowers in the front yard. Tall and wild in the back. Shorter and lighter in the front.



Follow up Land Reading for Design after installing 15 Native pollinators plants:


Opening Message:

SP & AR: “Land Awakening.” Healing the land and spirits on it. That’s what you’re doing. Giving closure. Finding Peace. For the land. Earth in pieces. Piece by piece. Peace by peace. By listening. By Sharing. By Connecting. By communing with us. You are dear to us. Already. A daughter. A sister. A friend. Thank you!


*For co-creating and co-designing the Landscape:

  1.  What are some key features and elements to keep in mind to add to the property to enhance it’s balance and beauty and support for key species in this area?

SP & AR: Flowers. You are doing it already. Vibrance. Colors. Soothing shapes. Circles, waves, movement, paths, direction, communing, family, together. Inviting to seating sections to relax and enjoy. Simply.

Places to sit. Natural seats. The tree stumps as stools. Rock chairs. Simple. Simplify. Energy of the stone is powerful to sit on. Energetically charging. Like a battery for people.

Sitting near and around the trees. Family. Souls inside of them waiting for you to say, “Hi!” Sprinkle seeds at the base of the trees. Something simple. Groundcover to protect the roots more. Alter groundcover.

Relax. Relaxed designs. Loose, wavy. Easy movement.


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