Healing by design

With a background as a designer for 18 years in the fashion industry, BY MANN was originally a sustainable 3D knit design project created to inspire sustainable practices in both design and lifestyle. The collection was intended for use in healing and meditation practices.

All products were knit using 3D knitting manufacturing technology. This production process is more sustainable, less labor-intensive, and provides premium comfort; being completely seam-free knit as one whole piece.

The designs are no longer available for purchase but their sustainable education is still accessible through the Instagram account and my design website.


Sustainable Design

All pieces are made of wool, domestically sourced from Oregon, or hemp from leftover yarn at my manufacturing facility in Texas.

Designs are either raw white or hand dyed naturally using plants, herbs, and food waste to create color. Very select pieces are Shibori dyed with indigo. Reiki has also been infused in the materials throughout the design development process; from concept to knitting, dyeing, rinsing, etc.

Every piece has a secret copper disc inside to enhance high vibrational energy. Copper is sewn into the hats at the Crown Chakra, into the gloves at the Hand Chakras, and into the shirts at the Heart Chakra.


Reiki & Design

Reiki has been infused in the materials throughout the design development process; from receiving the yarn from the mill to rinsing the products after dyeing.

* BY MANN  products are no longer available. The project exists to educate sustainable design development practices. To view the full story of BY MANN products visit  @_by_mann_ on Instagram. 

Rinsing _ Soaking

Healing & Meditation Tools for People and the Planet 

BY MANN products are designed to support higher consciousness for sustainable living.