Healing by design

My sustainable 3D knit design project, BY MANN, came from elevated states of consciousness. It is both an ode to my teachers and my spiritual practices, as well as, tools for assisting others in their practices.

The design inspiration for the project came from meditations and exploring my creative process through flow states. Symbolism is embedded in every detail.

As a 3D knitwear designer, all of my products were knit using Wholegarment knitwear manufacturing technology. This approach is more sustainable, less labor intensive, and provides premium comfort; being completely seam-free as one whole piece.


Sustainable Design

All pieces are made of wool, domestically sourced from Oregon, or hemp from leftover yarn at the manufacturing facility in Texas.

Each hat is either raw white or hand dyed naturally using plants, herbs, and food waste to create color. Very select pieces are Shibori dyed with indigo. 


Reiki & Design

Reiki has been infused in the materials throughout the design development process. Every piece has a secret copper disc inside to enhance high vibrational energy. Copper is sewn into the hats at the Crown Chakra, into the gloves at the Hand Chakras, and into the shirts at the Heart Chakra.

These products are Limited Edition gifts for committing to your practices of healing and higher consciousness. All products are given to my clients as inventory lasts.

BY MANN was designed with 100% good Karma in mind. Every step of the process was intentional. By utilizing sustainable innovation and elements of nature’s technology, I hope to educate how we can minimize our destructive impact on the planet.

Rinsing _ Soaking

My very special gift to you! 

These are my gifts to clients! As you commit to your healing practices, you’ll receive more gifts to support them.