Everything is interconnected.

The ecological is metaphysical. What we consider “magic” – timely awarenesses, miraculous beauty, patterns, connecting with Spirit/angels/passed on loved ones, is actually the natural world being completely natural. Nature is the web of all living things, which includes what is seen and unseen.

Our interconnectedness to everything creates the micro and macro relationships in our ecosystems, both within ourselves and out in the wider world. The deeper we look and listen, the more information we can draw in. This is how we acknowledge and awaken a deeper understanding of everything around us.

The natural world can teach us who we are within the ecosystem. Blocks or missing pieces in any ecosystem, our inner ecosystem or the outer ecosystem, will have complex reactions of imbalance or dis-ease.

Whether you are looking for support for yourself (your internal ecosystem) or looking for how to support the external ecosystem (the world’s ecosystem) we can gain profound clarity, guidance, and empowerment to move forward in better harmony with each other and the Earth by working together.

Services by Lindsay Mann


Land Readings + Akashic Records + Reiki

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What is a Land Reading?

Land Readings combine the Akashic Records and connecting with the Soul and Spirit on the land you live on to shed light on it’s history and special features. This helps us better understand our environment from a higher perspective so we can co-create in harmony with all that is.

There is just as much that is unseen, than is seen.

Tapping into and revealing all that is not easily seen, allows for missing pieces and greater dynamic forces to support balance and alignment within ourselves and the world around us.

Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records are the electromagnetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened. They are the vibrational archives of every Soul’s journey throughout all of its incarnations – past, present, and future possibilities. A Records reading offers guidance, support, and wisdom to provide empowerment and transformation from the perspective of the Soul.

You can open the Records on anything: yourself, public lands, industries, the collective of humanity, the Earth, aliens, belief systems, any topic at all.

During a personal session, your Akashic Records will be accessed to share messages with you for your highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to you.

Prepare questions to have answered prior to your session using how/what/why questions.


* Clients are encouraged to record sessions or take notes for future reference.


Reiki & Akashic Records Sessions

Energy transcends space and time. Distance Reiki is the same Reiki you would receive in person, without the added aspect of physical touch. You will still feel the energy shifts and relaxation from a distance. For in person sessions, Reiki is transmitted through gentle hands-on touch.

Reiki harmonizes on all levels; emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.  As the highest vibration of energetic intelligence, Reiki helps restore us to our natural state of balance and wellbeing by moving out heavy or stagnant energies.

During a session, whether that be distance or in person, you’ll simply rest and receive Reiki’s energy. I’ll intuitively follow where the Reiki guides me to work and pick up on messages to share with you afterwards. The most common experience is a feeling of wakeful relaxation. 

A Reiki and Akashic Records combination session provides full energetic balancing and guidance for peace of mind on any pressing challenges.