The ecological is metaphysical.

We are nature, and nature is the web of all things – both seen and unseen. Our interconnectedness reflects the micro and macro relationships of the ecosystems within us and out in the world.

Imbalances, blocks, and missing pieces in any system – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – can be detrimental to our holistic wellness causing various forms of dis-ease.

Whether looking for balance within yourself or how to support balance in the world around you, you can receive profound clarity, new perspective, and inspiration to live more harmoniously by working together.

Services by Lindsay Mann


Land Readings + Akashic Records + Reiki

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Receive healing and higher guidance or learn about the land you live on.

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Lindsay Land Reading

What is a Land Reading?

Land Readings combine the Akashic Records, permaculture, and connecting with the land you live on to shed light on its history and special features. Reading the land helps us better understand our environment and our place in it from a higher perspective.

By tapping into and revealing all that is unseen, we bring awareness to greater dynamic forces in support of balance within ourselves and the world around us.

Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records are the electromagnetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the Universe. They are the vibrational archives of every Soul’s journey throughout all its incarnations including past, present, and future possibilities. A Records reading offers guidance, support, and wisdom to empower and transform from the Soul’s perspective.

You can open the Records on anything: yourself, public lands, industries, the collective of humanity, the Earth, belief systems, any topic at all.

We will access your Akashic Records during a private session to share messages with you for your highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to you. Prepare questions to have answered before your session using how/what/why questions.


* Clients are encouraged to record sessions or take notes for future reference.


Reiki & Akashic Records Sessions

Reiki harmonizes on all levels; emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. As the highest vibration of energetic intelligence, Reiki helps restore us to our natural state of balance and wellbeing by moving out heavy or stagnant energies.

During a session, whether distance or in-person, you’ll rest and receive Reiki’s energy. I’ll intuitively follow where the Reiki guides me to work and pick up on messages to share with you afterward. The most common experience is a feeling of wakeful relaxation.

Reiki and Akashic Records combination sessions provide energetic balancing and higher guidance for peace of mind on any pressing challenges.