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  • On Reading the Land

    Before I even knew what manifesting was, I was manifesting things that were happening in my life. In my late teens and twenties, I always used to tell people, “If you can see it, it’ll happen.” I just knew this from my own experiences.

  • On Spirituality

    I didn’t grow up religious and found my spirituality later in life through healing and meditation. I was raised with a detached understanding of religion, often considering myself an Atheist although I am half Jewish and half Christian.

  • On Meditation & Reiki

    We are constantly downloading everything we see, hear, and feel in our lives. We are accumulating information at rapid speeds and it can be a lot. If you’re consistently witnessing fear, violence, and trauma, it becomes your perspective of the world. If you’re consistently witnessing love, kindness, and healing, it becomes your perspective of the world.

  • On The Healing Process

    I sit in meditation daily. Every meditation is different and sometimes current challenges in my life that may come up during meditation trigger past hardships, emotions, or memories.

  • On Vedic Meditation

    I experienced my first true healing experience while learning my Vedic Meditation practice. On the last night of our meditation course my teacher, Jonni Pollard, was speaking about Karma prior to going into our group meditation.