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     The How to Support Earth and People class was great! I feel electric but also calm knowing I can take small steps now and still be making an impact. The class made me feel hopeful for the future, informed, and motivated. I was able to understand how I can experience the life I want to live while contributing to a better future for myself, those around me, and future generations. The biggest message I took away from it is that we truly are unlimited and have so much more potential than we think. ”

    — Mariel Urena

    “Lindsay’s gift is clear, comforting and full of humor. Immediately I began to see change and validation of our conversation manifest on the material plane. Lindsay attuned to my need for support in ways I could not have imagined. She accurately – with words and visuals (I’m an artist this is important) confirmed things I had been working on in my process for YEARS. If you want a reading that is fun, lighthearted AND to the point she is who I’d head to. <3.”

    — Devon Courtney Knight.

    “When I was gifted a land reading as a housewarming gift, I had no idea what to expect but I was excited to find out! As Lindsay sat in my home and walked my property, she was able to connect with those who had come before. She gave me actionable guidance on various aspects of the land, stream and trees, answering all of the questions I had. Since the reading, I’ve created several distinct gardens and solved a pervasive drainage issue—working with the topography of the land. People often comment on the energy and magical essence of this place when they enter, and I’m so grateful to Lindsay for bringing these gifts to light.”

    — Kelly Campbell

    “I received a land reading by Lindsay which was beautifully energizing and positive. She gave me so much new direction as she described a holistic view of many aspects of the land. She suggested ways to implement the information to achieve goals of more sustainability and fulfillment.

    The references she made resonated with me in many aspects such as the history of my land and the carry-over of some very old energetics that needed releasing. On this topic, we covered both the negative and positive influences as she explained to me how to release old patterning and transform this place into the most printing idyllic natural sanctuary. She explained the authentic and saved aspects of and from the land itself and how it wanted to be preserved.

    We covered medicinal rituals that could cure the land as there is new planting underway for berries that are indigenous to our area. The crystal-clear river water that flows through our property is very crucial to the land and the entire area. Lindsay also noted that there are deep pockets of water that exist as reservoirs under the soil which need to be protected.

    She discussed the physical buildings on this farm property some being historical; and the wishes of the property itself to develop buildings and integrate community gatherings of specific art interests. Lindsay validated that I was capable and explained how the process was something I knew how to create.

    The land wishes to tell a story – to be useful for gatherings. The plants and production of products that can be derived will create the essence of the story such as essential oils, hemp fiber usage, and medicinal beauty items. The art will tell even generational stories.

    Lindsay validated some planting methods that are presently underway such as a biochar soil ritual which she explained would bring the nourishment of the land to its ultimate level.

    During our reading, she would often make visual references that allowed me to have associative connections from her ideas into so many aha moments of ideas that crossed my mind. I had occupied the land for over a decade but for the first time with Lindsay’s interpretation, I became validated; that I could personally be regenerated by the land physically – just by lying on the fields and absorbing the ground energy. Lindsay explains that the present energy guides would support the whole process. A monumental project by which I could both receive and nourish the land.

    — Wendy M.

    “During my session, I felt warmth radiating up and down my body. All the negativity and anger I had built up, left me. I started crying tears of release. Afterward I felt lighter, like I was relieved of a heavy burden. I felt such relief and interior calmness days afterward.”

    — B.M.

    “Lindsay is a truly gifted practitioner. Her connection is so strong and communication so soothing. I’ve worked with her for both reiki and akashic record readings – and will continue to go back. I always walk away with a sense of calm, direction, and clarity. Highly recommend!” 

    — Rachel B.

    “Lindsay went above & beyond for me during my reading. I am so grateful for her insight, patience, and encouragement. Working with her has created ripples that have had positive impacts not only for me but also for the friends I have recommended her to. I strongly recommend her.”

    — Marinés R.