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     The How to Support Earth and People class was great! I feel electric but also calm knowing I can take small steps now and still be making an impact. The class made me feel hopeful for the future, informed, and motivated. I was able to understand how I can experience the life I want to live while contributing to a better future for myself, those around me, and future generations. The biggest message I took away from it is that we truly are unlimited and have so much more potential than we think. ”

    — Mariel Urena

    “Lindsay’s gift is clear, comforting and full of humor. Immediately I began to see change and validation of our conversation manifest on the material plane. Lindsay attuned to my need for support in ways I could not have imagined. She accurately – with words and visuals (I’m an artist this is important) confirmed things I had been working on in my process for YEARS. If you want a reading that is fun, lighthearted AND to the point she is who I’d head to. <3.”

    — Devon Courtney Knight.

    “Lindsay is a gifted practitioner and brings compassion, wisdom and humor to her work. I did an Akashic Records session with her and the guidance I received was so powerful and something I still think about! I highly recommend working with Lindsay, it’s a real gift.”

    — Christina.

    “Lindsay performed Reiki on me and my artist’s tattoo guns before my two and a half hour session on my lower left arm. The experience was beyond relaxing and put me into a dream-like state of mind. At one point while being tattooed I literally felt I could fall asleep. The pain was minimal and my state of relaxation heightened in a way I have never felt before while being tattooed.

    To put this into immediate check, I went back the next day and sat for another three and half hours working on the same arm but this time with no pre-tattoo Reiki. The experience was nowhere near as relaxing or dream-like, it was simply what one would expect when being tattooed which isn’t an excruciating pain, but there was certainly a noticeable difference between my session with Reiki and the next without.

    I won’t get tattooed again without receiving Reiki beforehand.”

    — Sammy P.

    “During my session, I felt warmth radiating up and down my body. All the negativity and anger I had built up, left me. I started crying tears of release. Afterward I felt lighter, like I was relieved of a heavy burden. I felt such relief and interior calmness days afterward.”

    — B.M.


    A client who was at risk of having a breach birth and then received a Distance Reiki session:

    “Guess what… my son turned head down and is now in optimal position for a natural birth! I’m so happy. Thank you for your help, love and support!”

    — Ania U.

    “Lindsay is a truly gifted practitioner. Her connection is so strong and communication so soothing. I’ve worked with her for both reiki and akashic record readings – and will continue to go back. I always walk away with a sense of calm, direction, and clarity. Highly recommend!” 

    — Rachel B.

    “Lindsay went above & beyond for me during my reading. I am so grateful for her insight, patience, and encouragement. Working with her has created ripples that have had positive impacts not only for me but also for the friends I have recommended her to. I strongly recommend her.”

    — Marinés R.