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healing transforms us to live our truth

By Mann

I’m an intuitive Healing Artist who helps people access states of higher consciousness for optimal wellbeing. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been developing concepts of sustainable living through innovative design development and now as a Reiki Master and Akashic Records consultant I incorporate those sustainable practices in support of healing people.


I believe that healing people is the catalyst to healing the planet. By integrating creative problem solving approaches with sustainability into healing, I’ve found that the possibilities of our potential to not only survive the future of Climate Change, but to thrive in it comes from remembering that we are nature. Nature is our greatest inspiration and we are a key part of it.


Nature thrives by conserving energy, not over-expending it. This is sustainability. Truly understanding this starts with higher consciousness. Meditation and the healing arts will get you there.


By Us

We’re here to connect and love. We’re communal beings who thrive by working together.


If you’d like to join the communities that I’m a part of, or create new ones, reach out to me. I love to collaborate and spread unconditional love and support where it’s most needed.


Let’s work together!

By Design

With a background in sustainable fashion as a Whole-garment, 3D knitwear, designer and advocate for sustainable production practices, I’ve combined my love of sustainability, meditation, and healing to support higher consciousness through design.


Learn more about my project, BY MANN.

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By Nature

Nature is our greatest teacher and our greatest healer. Nature’s design is inspirational and effortless. Studying nature is the most impactful way to remember that we are a highly intelligent and integral part of it.


Learn more about our nature through my beliefs on higher consciousness.

Check out my latest blog posts.


“Lindsay holds a warm and comforting space allowing for full relaxation. I felt a soothing release of everyday tensions leaving my mind and body feeling lighter with a greater sense of calm.”

— Rima M.

“I came to Lindsay planning to start a Reiki package for my anxiety, after I had previously done a couple individual sessions with her. Every session felt soothing. Physically, I noticed how much heat her hands gave off even through the thick blanket on top of me! Sometimes I’d still feel the warmth lingering after she had already moved to work on another part of my body.

I think sessions with Lindsay were more effective than meeting with a therapist. She really listens to your needs and understands. I felt much more relaxed and clear-headed during the days following my Reiki treatments.

My Reiki sessions with Lindsay helped me identify the root of my anxiety, acknowledge it, accept it, and then use techniques she taught me to help relieve it.

Since then I have been able to cope with my anxiety much more easily. It, of course, continues to be a work in progress. If you are willing and ready to put in the work to start healing, I highly recommend doing a Reiki package.”

— M.D.

“Lindsay performed Reiki on me and my artist’s tattoo guns before my two and a half hour session on my lower left arm. The experience was beyond relaxing and put me into a dream-like state of mind. At one point while being tattooed I literally felt I could fall asleep. The pain was minimal and my state of relaxation heightened in a way I have never felt before while being tattooed.

To put this into immediate check, I went back the next day and sat for another three and half hours working on the same arm but this time with no pre-tattoo Reiki. The experience was nowhere near as relaxing or dream-like, it was simply what one would expect when being tattooed which isn’t an excruciating pain, but there was certainly a noticeable difference between my session with Reiki and the next without.

I won’t get tattooed again without receiving Reiki beforehand.”

— Sammy P.

“During my session, I felt warmth radiating up and down my body. All the negativity and anger I had built up, left me. I started crying tears of release. Afterward I felt lighter, like I was relieved of a heavy burden. I felt such relief and interior calmness days afterward.”

— B.M.

“Lindsay is a gifted healer. After the session I was left feeling like I had woken from the loveliest nap. She even had a message she received for me. It was perfect. Thank you, Lindsay!”

— Helena K.

Live a more conscious and sustainable life through healing.